Grocery Shopping Tips During A Pandemic


With Major Cities And Towns On Lockdown And Billions of People Quarantined, Our Normal Routines Are Now A Thing Of The Past.


Thinking about getting a trim at the salon? Not happening any time soon. Work out at the gym? More like work out in your room. Friday coffee date with your mates? Better make that a video date.

These past weeks, we’ve all had to adapt to life in the time of pandemic. But if there’s one routine that continues to thrive during these trying times, it’s grocery shopping. 

Do you feel paranoid about going out for grocery shopping? Don’t worry. It’s normal to feel that way. Grocery shopping used to be a no-brainer chore or a relaxing routine for most people. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become a nerve-wracking task essential for survival. 

So far, what we know is that objects contaminated with the virus can transmit it if someone touches it and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth. This can be a scary thought, considering how many shoppers like to really ‘feel’ the products, especially fruits and breads, before deciding to purchase them. 

To minimise the risk of transmission, many stores have put in place safety precautions. These include limiting the number of shoppers allowed inside at any given time and frequent disinfection of high-touch surfaces like grocery carts. You’ve probably also noticed markings on the floor to remind people to be socially distant.