Current catalogue IKEA - Valid from 29/08 until 31/07/2020

High quality, sustainable home furnishings are within your reach! Look no further than your local IKEA, where function, quality, design, and value are combined to form the perfect home furnishings. To see all the current special offers and discounts at IKEA, simply click on the adverts on this page.


Affordable, quality and sustainable products are at the heart of IKEA — the concept of IKEA, in fact, starts with the idea of a range of home furnishings that are affordable to many people. This is all achieved by combining function, quality, design, and value.

When it comes to choosing materials for IKEA products, sustainability is always top of mind. Therefore, the company aims for renewable, recycled and recyclable resourced whenever possible.

So, when you buy from IKEA, you can rest assured that you get quality, affordability, and sustainability.